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Search Engine Optimization for Your Business

So you've arrived here looking for some answers about how to get your website found by the search engines. You may know little to nothing about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Or, you might know of a few optimization techniques that can help give your site a boost. Maybe, you've even tried a few. Whatever the case, you're probably finding that when you type a keyword into a search engine, your website is nowhere to be found. This is a common problem for companies doing business on the web.

Search Engine Optimization is the solution to your problem as it enables your site to be found in the search engines. Digital Road Consulting (DRC) can help you with that optimization. We'll work with you to increase your visibility in the search engines which will bring more qualified traffic to your website. Ultimately, leading to increased conversions (sales, leads, signups, etc.). Which, let's face it, is what you're really after.

So what is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (also known as Positioning or Placement) is the process of developing, modifying or reworking a website so that it achieves high rankings in the search engines for keywords which are specific and relevant to your business. It essentially allows a search engine to better determine what your website is about and for which searches your site is the best fit.

Why does my Website need Search Engine Optimization?

Well, web search is the second most commonly performed online activity - trailing only email usage. The majority of Internet users use search as their primary method to find products, services and information online. In fact, search engines and directories account for nearly 90% of daily Internet traffic and approximately 55% percent of e-commerce transactions originate from them. These facts illustrate the necessity of being found in the search engines.

However, with billions of pages on the web, and increasing competition in every sector, it's unlikely that searchers will find your site if it hasn't been optimized. Instead, it will likely join the majority of websites which fail to be listed on the first three pages of results. Only websites on these first three pages have much of a chance to be looked at by search engine users. That means you're missing out on valuable traffic and potential customers. Worse yet, your competitors are gaining them.

Search engine optimization can get your site found by increasing your rankings and getting you onto those first three pages. Once there, you'll get more qualified visitors and potential customers to your website. Optimization is the difference between ranking 10th or 1,000th or not at all. That difference can be counted in real dollars and possibly even a sustainable web presence.

I thought Search Engine Optimization was just for large companies?

Well, think again! With a professional working closely with your small or medium sized business, you too, can dramatically increase search engine visibility and qualified website traffic. SEO allows a small business to reach a national or even international audience. Optimization can be a great equalizer for a mom and pop operation who compete against large firms with deeper pockets. There are also many opportunities for your business to utilize SEO to increase traffic and sales on a regional or local level within Vermont or New Hampshire.

How is being found in the Search Engines going to help a Local Business like mine?

You probably have a Yellow Pages ad, right? Well the Internet is rapidly replacing the Yellow Pages as the place consumers go to find business information. Currently, over 25% of all searches are looking for local products, services or information. And 55% of US households use search engines to find information when shopping for local products and services. Further, as Internet use expands and becomes accessible everywhere (from your car, phone or PDA) consumers will more rapidly replace traditional Yellow Pages with the Internet. Do you want to be positioned to gain these customers? Or are you willing to sit back and let your competitors reach out to them?

What if I don't even have a Website!

Perhaps you're a small or local business and have never thought you needed a website. Believe it or not, people are even turning to the web and search engines to find their nearest dentist or attorney in Vermont and New Hampshire. This trend is only increasing. Without a site, you'll miss out on these customers. DRC can create a simple site for you which will capture valuable search engine traffic.

Why choose Digital Road Consulting (DRC) for my Search Engine Optimization?

Great question! DRC is one person... me. If you're looking for a firm to rank your site for highly competitive keyword phrases like "casino" (over 80 million results in Google), I'm the wrong choice. I just don't have the staff, time or inclination to use the techniques required to get you there.

However, being a small firm does have its advantages. It allows me to understand the needs and constraints of small and medium sized businesses like yours. For instance, I know that your online marketing budget, and perhaps even your total marketing budget, isn't in the tens of thousands of dollars. Nevertheless, I can still help you target search terms which will drive qualified customers to your website. I also know that you may not have an in-depth understanding of the latest technology. That's why I always attempt to communicate with clear explanations and no technical jargon. Additionally, I'm able to deliver a higher level of service to clients. Remember, you'll always be working directly with the business owner - me; not some junior account executive.

Digital Road Consulting also strives to deliver lasting SEO results. There are certain SEO techniques that can dramatically increase website rankings, but once discovered by the search engines, result in a site being penalized. Penalties can include complete removal of the website from a search engine. I don't practice those techniques and advise against their use by businesses with a longer term outlook.

And finally, unlike some web designers or general marketing firms, which only offer a certain level of optimization, my whole business is optimizing websites. I have the focus to get you results!

Don't wait any longer!

Contact Digital Road Consulting today to learn more about getting your site to rank higher in the search engines and start getting your share of search engine traffic.