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SEO Copywriting & Copyediting

SEO Services SEO copywriting and copyediting is the art and science of writing website copy in order to help your site rank higher in the search engines. Your website copy is the text which is visible to your site visitors. SEO copywriting aims to include your keyword phrases with certain densities, variations and in appropriate positions in your on page copy.

SEO copywriting used to be just about repeating your keywords in the copy. However, the major search engines now use advanced analysis techniques which require more than just mere repetition of keywords. More advanced analysis techniques include using word stemming, synonyms and related words in determining rankings. Writing with an eye toward these advanced techniques creates a more effective page - both for the search engines and site visitors. Good copywriting ensures you attain ideal keyword usage while maintaining copy which reads naturally to your site visitors. Don't ever forget that your pages are read by humans and they are the ones who pay your bills!

The feel, structure, tone and calls to action within existing copy usually can be preserved when SEO copywriting for most websites. The copy will just need to be tweaked to achieve SEO goals. However, in some cases, significant copy may have to be added or changed to reach desired ranking goals. For instance, pages which have too similar copy or very little copy can be obstacles to ranking well. In fact, pages with copy which is too similar to other pages can suffer a penalty known as the duplicate content penalty. When implemented, the penalty removes all but one of the duplicate pages from the rankings. The duplicate content penalty can be overcome by adding additional content or varying the content more on these pages.

As part of every complete website optimization, DRC will write or edit all on page copy to fit SEO goals. Final copy will always be approved by the client before being uploaded to their website. Instead of a full optimization, you can also choose to hire Digital Road Consulting just to write or edit your website copy for seo purposes. Copywriting should ideally be combined with architecture optimization and code optimization to provide you with a solid on site optimization.