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Architecture Optimization

SEO Services Architecture optimization is as much about removing impediments to full spidering by the search engines as it is utilizing techniques which can give your site an advantage in the rankings. Search engine spiders have difficulty crawling sites which use certain programming languages, employ certain naming conventions, incorporate mistaken protocols or force certain browser behavior. Architecture optimization examines whether any of these problems exist and advises on, or implements, fixes or workarounds which enable full spidering.

Architecture optimization can also be used in a couple of ways to positively aid in website rankings. One method is the proper naming of files and directories.

Another technique to help rankings is optimizing your within site linking. Optimizing links on your site ensures that you're using your keywords in your anchor text. It also involves structuring what are known as click paths, correctly. A click path is the route(s) a visitor needs to take to get from one page to another. Search engines generally interpret a shorter click path to mean that page is more important. If it requires more than three clicks to get from your home page to another page, that pages rankings will likely suffer. Properly configured click paths can make certain pages appear more valuable than others. That means the keywords on those pages will get a ranking boost.

See Site Architecture Tips and Within Site Linking Tips for more information.

Digital Road Consulting optimizes site architecture as part of all full website optimizations. We can also optimize your website's architecture without doing a full site optimization. However, you should also have DRC perform code optimization and seo copywriting when choosing this route. That ensures a proper level of onsite optimization. You can then supplement with your own offsite optimization for a complete search engine optimization.