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Search Engine Optimizing Tips

In the following sections I will offer some tips and suggestions for the do-it-yourselfer who wants to start optimizing their website. It can also serve as a starting point for those interested in learning a bit about search engine optimizing. Additionally, it can get a website owner thinking about what to expect, and what questions to ask, of a potential firm that will perform search engine optimizing for them.

Search Engine Optimizing can be broken down into two major parts: onsite optimizing and offsite optimizing. Onsite optimizing includes tactics which address ranking factors which are found on your site itself. The ranking factors can be on a single page or sitewide in nature. Onsite search engine optimizing can further be broken down into on page optimizing, within site linking and site architecture. Offsite search engine optimizing primarily relates to incoming links. There are numerous tactics within each of these areas, which, when applied to your website, will help it rank higher in the search engines.

Remember that different search engines may weigh ranking factors in a different manner. For instance, Google might use a certain on page factor in its calculation. Yahoo might not use that factor at all, or its weight might be considerably less. However, proper usage of these tactics can result in top rankings across all engines. These rankings will fluctuate, but can consistently stay towards the top.

As we go through some of the factors which effect search engine rankings, I will also try to give you examples of the difference between ethical search engine optimizing and spamming the search engines.

So let's start learning about Search Engine Optimizing!